Michael Bublé – World Renowned Entertainer
– 1995 PNE Youth Talent Search Winner

Bev is one of my favorite people in the world. She is a kind, compassionate, and trustworthy friend. I simply would not be where I am today without her belief, her tireless effort, or her unwavering support. I’ve learned so much watching her conduct her business and her personal life with such a great deal of intelligence and integrity. She is a special person and I’ll always be her #1 fan.

Paul Anka – World Renowned Vocalist and Composer
“So proud of the years I’ve known Beverly and, of course, Michael Bublé whom I met with the author of this true, honest, and sincere piece of work.  She has had important participation in the career of Michael Bublé who will be a talent to reckon with for many years to come. Much, I’m sure, due to the proud author of this book.” – Paul Anka

David Foster – World Renowned Composer and Producer
Any artist that is lucky enough to have Beverly representing them will be shortcutting their road to success if that is their destiny. She works from a place of complete honesty, integrity and class that is very rare in this business. She is also my friend and whenever she calls to get my opinion, I am there right away. She knows the difference between good, bad and more importantly-GREAT…that gets my attention every time. I hope you’re lucky enough to get her attention. Only good things will come!!!

Duff MacDonald – Actor/Performer/Writer
Beverly Delich has long been an inspiration in my life as a loyal friend and hard-working business associate. I have witnessed, first hand, her dedication to everything she does, whether it’s promoting an event or production or guiding emerging artists in the right direction. I can’t say enough about Bev as she never ceases to amaze me with her boundless energy and infinite wisdom. Having known Beverly for over 20 years, everyone should conduct business in “The Way of The Bev”!

Giovanni Amenta – President of Pink & Grey Consulting
-1996 PNE Youth Talent Search Winner,
-Former member of The Canadian Tenors and Destino

I have known Beverly for over 15 years and in that time have had the privilege of benefiting from her expertise in the entertainment industry. She is a great example of a professional business woman who gets her point across and accomplishes what she sets out to do. Bev also takes time to open her heart to people and treats them with the respect they deserve. If you are serious about your career and willing to give 100%, then Bev will be a great addition to your career.

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach – Award-Winning Recording Artist and Producer
For all its glitz and celebrity hoopla, the entertainment biz can be an overcast industry, but behind every cloud, is a Silver Lining, helping the sun shine on TDWR…Talent Deserving Wider Recognition. The expert guidance offered at SLM has taken greenhorn artists ripe with potential to stratospheric heights in a few short years… just ask Michael Bublé! Beverly’s guidance and expertise has helped me to get to ‘Album of the Year’ among other awards, and I have seen her ‘Midas Touch’ at work on other TDWR.

Neil Weisensel – Composer/Producer/Performer
Beverly Delich has a proven track record, impeccable contacts, and huge respect in the entertainment business in Canada and the U.S. Having worked with her for over 10 years – first as an arranger for Michael Bublé and then on my own as a film and television composer – I can say that we are great friends. She supports me unconditionally and she is always there to help me whenever I ask. Thanks Bev!

Michael McSweeney – Former Executive Assistant to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
“Stick-to-itiveness”…one long word to describe Beverly Delich. The combination of qualities…sticking with someone and their dream…and the intuitiveness to understand raw talent are the hallmarks of this woman’s character. She only takes on projects and talent when her keen ear hears promise, when others close the door. Through almost a decade since we met I have never heard her complain or put herself before others. These qualities and strength of character are why Beverly Delich is a success and when the history of music in Canada is written there will be a solid place for her there.

Jeffrey Latimer – Producer – Jeffrey Latimer Productions
Beverly is a very smart and thoughtful person. She always puts her clients’ interests first. She is very knowledgeable about the business and is receptive to access outside help when she needs it. She is honest and upfront…no games…just straight shooting. She is a great person to work with and fun to be around.