My Teaching/Consulting Services originated from on-going requests from individuals throughout various parts of the globe seeking advice, knowledge and direction on diverse facets of the entertainment industry.  Through the sophisticated technology of IM, FaceTime, Whatsapp and other platforms of the internet, there are no limits to the endless possibilities of communication and interaction.  My client base spans a broad spectrum including Canada, USA, UK, Germany, New Zealand, Portugal and Australia.

My consulting format includes communications via IM, FaceTime, Whatsapp, emails and telephone, as well as exchanges of various types of files.

A partial list of services I provide includes:

  • Vocal coaching, development and evaluation to determine your ideal genre
  • (listening to you sing in person, on a recording, a video or live via IM, FaceTime, Whatsapp)
  • Performance presentation (watching you perform live, on a video or live via IM, FaceTime, Whatsapp)
  • Music genre/song selection (songs that are suited to your vocal range and genre)
  • Creating a profile/bio that will depict your persona and experience
  • Your personal image (clothing, hair, makeup etc)
  • Working with a photographer and selecting the photos that will define your look
  • Setting up a website or Face book profile that represents your image, talent and genre
  • Selecting an agency that will best suit your discipline (I research the various agencies in your area, contact and consult with them in order to make a qualified choice agreeable to all parties)
  • Working with a dynamic producer and skilled musicians to create an independent CD