Media Events



  • BC BookLook, Vancouver, February 28
  • North Shore News, March 7, Columnist Terry Peters
  • California Book Watch, May 14
  • WOND News Radio, Atlantic City – July 1, Dave Coskey host
  • Bloomberg TV News, New York City – July 7, Melike Ayan host
  • WGLS Radio – Woman’s Hour, Atlantic City – July 7, Host and Producer Gina Lemanowicz
  • EPOCH Times feature interview – July 8, reporter Kristina Skorbach
  • WRHWRHU/News Hub Hour New York – July 9, Neil Carusso producer
  • – leading style and news website – July 9, Jas Pybas
  • NBC CT Style, WTNH TV– July 10, Producer Meghan Yost
  • WADK with Bruce Newbury, Providence RI and New Hampshire reach, July 10
  • WURD with Stephanie Renee – a 16-site live broadcast partnership with the Free Library of Philadelphia called “Summer of Freedom,” perfect for people looking for a good book for their summer vacation reads.
  • Global TV – Calgary, July 20, Stephanie Irvine producer
  • Breakfast TV – Edmonton, July 21, producer Brent Pushkarenko
  • New York Nightlife Magazine, Mike Cutino, Producer
  • NBC Wisconsin Tonight – July 25, SKYPE live interview, Rachael Glaszcz
  • Cincinnati Radio 700 WLW, Matthew Steinmann, July 24
  • WHHM and WWYN with Julie Cooke, Memphis, TN, July 30
  • Kathryn ZOX Voice America Variety Channel (Internet), July 30
  • WWL AM Entercom, New Orleans, Louisiana, host Monica Pierre, July 31
  • AM Eagle 9800 Radio, Winston-Salem, NC, host Bill Flynn, August 1
  • KMTX, Helena Montana, Friday  August 1, host Paul Stark
  • KMA radio with Dean and Don, Shenandoah, Iowa, August 4
  • WSVA, Harrisonburg, VA with Mike Schikman, Monday, August 1
  • WIFC “Kallaway on the Rise”, Wasau, Wisconsin, Thursday, August 7
  • KLWN-AM, Warner Lewis Radio show, Kansas, August 8
  • WATR radio in Waterbury, Connecticut with Tom Chute, August 13
  • BBC Radio, Berkshire, UK, Mike Read Show, August 19
  • BBC Radio, Luton, UK, Robert Perrone Show, August 20
  • BBC Radio, Leicester, UK, Jonathan Lampon, August 21, taped as the live show
  • WGLT, NPR owned by Illinois State University, Laura Kennedy, August 25
  • I Heart Radio with Arroe Collins – National, August 25.  The interview featured on these web pages: WRFX Charlotte; Q 1043 New York; 999 KEZ Phoenix; WASH-fm Washington DC;100.5 The Drive Rochester NY.
  • NetGalley, August 28, Four Stars, Reviewer Katie Wanta; “I liked that this was the story of Michael’s early career but told from a bit of a different approach than your typical biography or autobiography. If the book isn’t written by the artist, then I’d have to say that the manager who was with him from the beginning and got him a lot of his earlier bookings is probably the next best thing! Throughout the chapters there were also photographs as well, which I always think is a nice touch in such books.”
  • NetGalley, August 28, Four Stars, Reviewer Jamie Barringer; “Even for readers who know nothing of how the music industry works, it will be interesting to read about Beverly Delich’s path of exploration and discovery within this field as she learned how to maneuver the young Michael Buble through the Canadian and American professional music world. For those who, like me, have had a slight taste of at least a local music scene, this book is particularly interesting as it provides a glimpse at the tortuous route to success that eventually landed Michael Bublé a great record deal and a CD produced by David Foster. That his manager, Beverly Delich, was a woman working in a world so dominated by men also makes her story fascinating and inspiring, and even moreso when you consider that she was in her 50’s when she began working with Michael Buble. There are a lot of potential lessons in Delich’s story for anyone interested in music or any creative career, and for everyone else it is neat to be able to peel back the curtain and see just a bit of how the mysterious world of mainstream music really works.”
  • KSOO AM, Viewpoint University Program, Sioux Falls, IA, August 28
  • BBC Radio, Merseyside Liverpool, Billy Butler Show, September 2
  • Steven Maggi Show, Syndicated radio, Pacific Northwest, September 2
  • Magic City Morning Star, How to Manage Your Talent: Five Realistic Tips for Success, September 12
  • Hawaii Reporter, How to manage your talent, September 16
    Article Hawaii Reporter
  • Queensland, Australia, Southern Cross Austereo Radio, Producer Tanya Hennessy, September 23
  • Fairfax Australia, 4 BC with Ben, Producer Ria Jack, September 23
  • Brisbane, Australia, ABC Radio network = CBS radio in US, producer Amanda Dell, September 24
  • Queensland, Australia, Nationally Syndicated Christian Radio Show, Dwayne Jeffries, producer Karen Tong, Sept 25
  • Melbourne, Victoria, JOY 94.9, Leo Stubbing, producer and host, October 1
  • CRN Radio, Los Angeles, CA, with Gregg Hunter, October 3
  • New Zealand,  Radio DUNEDIN BREAKFAST Drive, 99.8FM MEDIAWORKS RADIO, Host Owen Rooney, October 5
  • Adelaide,  Coast FM radio, Voice of Adelaide with Roy Garreffa, October 5
  • Featured Member story, ‘The Mompreneur, Success Stories’, Maria Locker CEO, October 10
    Link: Success Stories – Featured Members
  • COAST FM BREAKFAST, Auckland New Zealand, Brian Kelly host and producer, October 13
    Link: Beverly Delich talks to BK about discovering Michael Buble
  • Music News Nashville, Dan Harr, October 20